1. Sufjan Stevens
    Brooklyn, New York
  2. My Brightest Diamond
    Detroit, Michigan
  3. Lily & Madeleine
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  4. Helado Negro
    Brooklyn, New York
  5. Linda Perhacs
    Topanga, California
  6. Denison Witmer
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Fol Chen
    Highland Park, California
  8. Mozart's Sister
    Montreal, Qu├ębec
  9. Half-handed Cloud
    Berkeley, California
  10. Julianna Barwick
    Brooklyn, New York
  11. Castanets
    Portland, Oregon
  12. Chris Schlarb
    Long Beach, California
  13. The Welcome Wagon
    Brooklyn, New York
  14. Shannon Stephens
    Seattle, Washington
  15. Epstein
    Brooklyn, New York
  16. OMBRE
    New York
  17. Rafter
    San Diego, California
  18. Library Catalog Music Series
    Lander, Wyoming
  19. Roberts and Lord
    Chicago, Illinois
  20. Raymond Byron & the White Freighter
    Brooklyn, New York
  21. Dots Will Echo
    New Jersey
  22. Future Rapper


Asthmatic Kitty Records Lander, Wyoming

Born in 1999, Asthmatic Kitty Records was originally conceived as a platform for musical projects by a community of artists from Holland, Michigan, a small city on the shore of Lake Michigan. While the original Holland nucleus has now dispersed, the fellowship is still growing, with new friends and shared projects. Asthmatic Kitty is now based in Lander, WY, Indianapolis, IN and New York City. ... more

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